Completed Projects (Typical):

1. Wireless Networks

Digital Transmission Systems, Atlanta: Acquired ISM band products, combined them with existing multiplexers and controllers to form integrated solution for customer premise applications. Company sold to WiLan, a larger player in the wireless product market.

BulletIn Wireless, Atlanta: Acquired this SMS messaging company from TWS Wireless and expanded the service offerings into European and Asian markets.

SkyLynx Costa Rica: Installed fixed broadband network to deliver highspeed internet connectivity to homes and businesses in the south pacific region of Costa Rica.

Cirrus Wireless, Australia: Formed this fixed broadband wireless company to provide point to point and point to multipoint broadband wireless services to serve homes and businesses in regional Australia.

2. Equipment Development

Triton Network Systems, Orlando: Licensed Mimic technology from Lockheed Martin and created the first high power 38 GHz point to point microwave product for use by licensed carriers in the USA.

Telematics Services, Clearwater: Under contract to the US Department of Transportation and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority developed the iConeā„¢ Intelligent Traffic Beacon to accurately report, in near real time, the location, speed of traffic and other conditions in highway construction zones.

3. Start-ups and Turnarounds

Waverider, Toronto: Turned around this company from losses to profitability and merged with larger wireless equipment manufacturer.

Calmar Telematics, Syracuse: Assisted in the creation of this supplier of vehicular telematics data derived from the actual communications from over the road commercial vethcles.